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FolderHighlight 2.3

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FolderHighlight 2.3| 2.14Mb

FolderHighlight is a tool, that makes the management of your folders’
appearence more flexible and handy. With FolderHighlight you can change
folder color with a color of your choice. Even though Windows already
allows you to customize folder icons for this purpose, FolderHighlight
is a much easier to use as it integrates into the Explorer right-click
menu, so you can quickly change folder colors without having to go
through additional dialogs.

Step 1. You choose a folder which’s color you want to change.

Step 2. You right click the mouse at the folder and
the drop down menu appears. You select "FolderHighlight".

Step 3. You select the most suitable folder appearance and see how
your folder look changes.

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