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The Kite Runner

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> TiTLE......[ The Kite Runner
> YEAR.......[ 2007
> GENRE......[ Drama | Romance
> RUNTiME....[ 02:07:55
> STORE DATE.[ 2009
> iMDB RATE..[ 7.8/10 ( 24,355 votes )
> iMDB URL...[
> SUBS.......[ Vietnamese
> FiLES......[ 1
> SiZE.......[ 648 MB
> SOURCE.....[ 720p.BluRay.AC3.x264-UNiT3D


In the 70’s in Afghanistan, the Pushtun boy Amir and the Hazara boy
Hassan, who is his loyal friend and son of their Hazara servant Ali, are
raised together in Amir’s father house, playing and kitting on the
streets of a peaceful Kabul. Amir feels that his wise and good father
Baba blames him for the death of his mother in the delivery, and also
that his father loves and prefers Hassan to him. In return, Amir feels a
great respect for his father’s best friend Rahim Khan, who supports his
intention to become a writer. After Amir winning a competition of
kitting, Hassan runs to bring a kite to Amir, but he is beaten and raped
by the brutal Assef in an empty street to protect Amir’s kite; the
coward Amir witness the assault but does not help the loyal Hassam. On
the day after his birthday party, Amir hides his new watch in Hassam’s
bed to frame the boy as a thief and force his father to fire Ali,
releasing his conscience from recalling his cowardice and betrayal. In
1979, the Russians invade Afghanistan and Baba and Amir escape to
Pakistan. In 1988, they have a simple life in Fremont, California, when
Amir graduates in a public college for the pride and joy of Baba. Later
Amir meets his countrywoman Soraya and they get married. In 2000, after
the death of Baba, Amir is a famous novelist and receives a phone call
from the terminal Rahim Khan, who discloses secrets about his family,
forcing Amir to return to Peshawar, in Pakistan, in a journey of

— IMDb —

Dựa trên tác phẩm văn học nổi tiếng của Khaled
Hosseini, phim kể về tình bạn của hai người đàn ông, Amir và Hassan. Sau
khi Nga tấn công Afghanistan, Amir đã trốn thoát sang Mỹ để bắt đầu
cuộc sống mới. Nhưng thời gian trôi qua và ông vẫn không sao quên được
những gì đã xảy đến cho Hassan. Amir quyết định quay trở về để trả lại
món nợ mà ông đã thiếu năm xưa.

— —



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