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Final Destination

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> TiTLE......[ Final Destination
> YEAR.......[ 2000
> GENRE......[ Horror | Thriller
> RUNTiME....[ 01:38:03
> iMDB RATE..[ 6.8/10 ( 51,340 votes )
> iMDB URL...[
> SUBS.......[ Vietnamese
> FiLES......[ 1
> SiZE.......[ 485 MB
> SOURCE.....[ Final.Destination.2000.mHD-720p.x264.AC3-TRiM


After boarding an airplane destined for Paris, Alex Browning, a high
school student going on his senior trip has a premonition about the
plane exploding after takeoff. Scrared and freaked out, Alex tries to
tell everyone about the explosion causing him to quarrel with a fellow
student, Carter Horton which gets them both kicked off the plane. Along
with them, Carter’s girlfriend Terry who follows Carter, Alex’s best
friend Tod who gets off to make sure Alex is okay, Billy Hitchcock who
was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, one of the faculty
members Ms. Lewton, and Clear Rivers whose motive for leaving was just
out of belief of what Alex saw. Soon after the plane takes off, the
students watch as it explodes sending fear and curiousity into their
hearts. A little over a month goes by when one of the survivors turns up
dead. After that Alex begins to question whether or not himself and the
rest of the survivors are in danger. Could there really be a design?
Does death really have a pattern planned out for everyone? And if so,
after cheating death once, can you find a way to do it again?

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One thought on “Final Destination

  1. her her coi cho biết dzới người ta 😀

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