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SOUL CODE (Mật Mã Hồn Ma)

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Video Format: mp4
Audio Language: Thai
Audio Format: MP3
Subtitles: Vie
Genre:Action / Horror / Thriller
Runtime:103 Minutes


When a murdered body of a highschool girl is found naked with a
strange mark on her forehead, which is to prevent the vengeance of her
spirit, Detective Khan from DSI is assigned to investigate the case. The
dead girl is brought to Dr. Nicha at CIFS in Bangkok to find more clues
and identify the body. Meanwhile, C, a former teenager’s heartthrob is
involved in this case when he begins to search for his lost
ex-girlfriend. When the ghost is trying to connect to the living,
Detective Khan starts to believe in something supernatural that leads
him to the truth.


Author: blue1231988

professional about Information Technology

One thought on “SOUL CODE (Mật Mã Hồn Ma)

  1. coi cho biết dzới người ta 😀 her her

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